Own A Spacious Apartment in Calicut


Apollo Cypress, Ever Spacious Apartments in Kozhikode near Cyber Park

When you searching for an Spacious Apartment , you may have in noted than a spacious mode of luxury and beauty of greenery – try to buy an great address than you can achieve.

We need hug to nature as well as hang the map of the emerging cities wherever you going to buy your dream forever, home closest to the workplace, the facilities of the city, to education, to transportation, to entertain.

When you think about amenities, Apollo cypress lifts you to the mind blowing enter to reality of luxurious life than a typical home, also take you to the funny side of home sick. Finally you may own a great address ever you cannot own.

Calicut, one of renowned city for food culture unbiased hospitality anyone has freedom at the heart of the city to walk, to eat, to sing, to gather. This Luxury apartment near the Cyber Park will be handover on March 2020.

Apollo Cypress, offers holds luxury apartments with all kind of luxurious amenities entailed by eco-friendly flats near Cyber Park Kozhikode; this apartment will offer you an array of facilities with a slice of nature in entire amenities.

Proximity to the Cyber Park is the most admirable feature of Apollo Cypress. The park itself is moulded home to sustainable and fresh air to you.

Also get attracted to Apollo Cypress by its finest amenities. It has a landscaped terrace garden beside the gymnasium and a fresh filled swimming pool. A green carpet of lawn is something you would love to adorn in front of your house. Being an apartment and being in the middle of the city, we do not want you to miss these comforts. Owning an apartment should not disconnect you from nature.